What's the best time to order my Wedding Flowers?

Did you know that there's a time when you should & shouldn't order your Wedding Flowers? Continue reading below to find out why.

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It's imperative to order your Wedding Flowers in a timely manner not only to ensure that your date is available, but so your Florist can pre-order your flowers with their Wholesalers. 

Time and time again we see Bride's/Wedding Parties completely miss out on one of the best things in their Wedding Images. This is due to a lack of time ordering their flowers, OR because they've ordered from the wrong "business". We can't begin to explain how many times we've been the knight & shining armor for those who either forgot, or never received their flowers. Unfortunately, you may not get what you want or anything at all if you order too late.

Here's the "When" behind the dreaded question of when to purchase your flowers...

The best time to purchase your Flowers is at least 6 Months before your Wedding Date. The reason why we suggest at least 6 months is, so you have enough time to put your deposit down (Typically 50% down). Then you'll have around 3 months to finish out your payments. Most Florists allow payments to be made, but others require full payment at the Date of booking.

You should arrange a consultation with your Florist before being set in stone on what Flowers that you want. As some flowers may not be in season for you Wedding Date. Your Florist can guide you in the right direction when it comes to your color scheme, and what flowers are in your budget. Flowers are a perishable item, and weather plays a factor in what farms can grow certain flowers. It can have an effect on availability. So, don't forget to plan ahead.

BUDGET, don't forget to set a budget. 

Many times we'll have Brides/Wedding Parties who come in for a consultation with no idea on how much they want to spend. The average cost of Wedding Flowers in our shop is $2,000. That doesn't mean that we can't work with a budget Bride/Wedding Party.

Flowers are a very important part of your Wedding. They set the mood, make your Wedding images full of life and they give you something to enjoy looking at while celebrating your love.

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