What plants make good houseplants?

Do you love filling up your home with houseplants? Or are you a first-time enthusiast thinking about bringing your first green friend home? These plants will be ideal for you then. Order them from reputed florists in Fort Worth Texas and enjoy their beauty.

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1. Snake Plant

    Snake Plants are one of the most popular houseplants for indoor areas nowadays. They have the ability to purify the air around you by sucking in a lot of CO2 and emitting O2. The swordlike long and erected leaves look like snakes, and hence the name. This plant requires watering very sparingly- once a week in summers and about once a month during winter months.

    2. ZZ Plant

      A potted ZZ plant looks really pretty inside your living room or dining space. They are pretty sturdy plants and don’t require a lot of attention or care. Place them in a shady or partially-lit spot and water occasionally. You don’t really need more efforts than that. ZZ plant too has good air-purifying capabilities.

      3. Succulents

        Another hugely popular houseplant is the group of plants that are classified as succulents. There are so many varieties of this plant available, and each one has its own distinct look and feel. However, again, the reason why this is so popular is because of how easy a succulent plant is to maintain. A bunch of succulent plants decorated artfully around your house will make great indoor décor.

        4. Peace Lily

          If flowering plants are what you prefer, you cannot go wrong with peace lilies. Vibrant green leaves and pristine white flowers make peace lily a must-have houseplant for all plant lovers. As is the rule for most flowering plants, peace lilies require enough water and light to thrive. So, place them in your balcony or near the window, and water regularly. For houseplants delivery of peace lily or any other flowers, order online from your nearby florists.

          5. Bromeliads

            Another flowering plant, bromeliads are spectacular and colorful. Bromeliads are tropical plants that need enough sunlight and a warmer weather to thrive. Spiked flowers in multiple colors like red, pink, or yellow arrive in season and make your house a spectacular site with their beauty. If you are having bromeliads, don’t forget to water often.

            6. Jade plant

              Jade plants are actually a type of succulent, but are not the typical miniature types that you are used to. Jade plants come potted and with many branches with bright, thick leaves. Also known as money tree or lucky tree, jade plants are another indoor plant that requires minimal care. Jade plants have long lives, so, it can be a perfect match for you if you’re looking for a long-term companion.

              7. String of pearls

                This one’s a really unique and special indoor plant that looks nothing like the other plants mentioned here. When potted, it looks like a basket of foliage with stems and leaves hanging beautifully around the whole pot. This looks extremely good as a hanging plant for your balcony, window, or even middle of the room. It is somewhat trickier though, to care for this plant. Ideally, you should expose them to direct sunlight for 6-8 hours a day, and keep it in shades for the rest of the time.

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