What should I send to a Funeral?

If you aren't sure what to purchase when a loved one passes away, then this is a good guide to follow to send the proper arrangement.

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Generally speaking, when you send a funeral arrangement for a loved ones passing, you want to make sure that you are sending the correct arrangement.

You can find helpful information to take into consideration below...

What type of plant is good to send to a service?

You don't have to send any particular type of plant to a service. Anything to the Florist has in their store should be suffice. Most people send peace lilies, but it would be nice for the family to be able to receive other types of plants. This way they aren't taking the all the same type of plants home. Easy plants to take care of are - Ivy's, Marginata's, Peace Lilies, Bromeliad's, Orchid's, Aglaonema's. Typically whatever your florist has at hand.

What should I send to the house?

Typically, you would send a vase arrangement or a plant to the house -

You would want to send something that can easily be sat on a table or in the kitchen. Sometimes the family likes taking their arrangement to the service. So, make sure it's something easy to transport.

The vase arrangement can come in a clear or colored glass vase , with a mixture of flowers in season.

The plant can be anything of choice. 

What should I send to the visitation?

You can send a variety of things including -

A vase arrangement, a basket arrangement, a plant and even an easel if there's a graveside the following day.

Typically, you would send an arrangement that is feminine or masculine. You can even send a bright mixture of flowers to brighten up the room. 

You can even send an arrangement that is similar to the family flowers if they've placed an order with us.

When sending an Easel to the visitation you want to make sure that there's somewhere for it to go afterword's. Like, to a graveside. If not than the Family will have to take it home, and there's not a way to water or take care of it. Easel's can range in size, but a majority of them stand at least 6ft tall. They can't fit in a majority of vehicles.

What should I send to a church service?

It would be best if you sent a vase arrangement, basket arrangement or a plant larger in size.

When sending to a church make sure to confirm whether or not someone will be there before 12:00 PM. 

Most Florists are either closed on Saturdays when a majority of the services are taking place OR the are only open until 12:00 PM (Sometimes they close earlier). Make sure you're ordering within enough time to get the particular arrangement placed. This way the Florist can have the flowers you're wanting on hand.

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