The Meanings & Symbolism of Flower Colors

Flowers for life should be everyone’s mantra because you can just never get enough of them. From small to big everything about flowers is brilliant. They have an interesting shape, pop of color and also help us to communicate unsaid words.

  • Flower color meaning

From being romantic to embarrassed, expressing it all with flowers. From asking for forgiveness to forgiving the other one. All of this is not possible without flowers. Now picking up flowers seems like a super easy task, it is a satisfying process but you can add more value and depth to it by knowing each flower and its meaning. Here is a list of flower colors and their meanings that are worth knowing and getting.

Daisies and Sunbeams

In this yellow and white theme summer special bouquet you will find flowers like yellow and white daisies with yellow roses, and white asiatic lilies. Yellow solidago and some greens. Coming to the color yellow, it is a symbol of joy, warmth and confidence. White on the other hand represents clarity, innocence, sympathy and peace.Get this piece with flower delivery in Saginaw TX. This combination of both white and yellow looks happy and serene.

A little pick me up

In this warm bouquet you will find yellow, orange and deep red colors. This is not a big bouquet, it's rather simple yet gorgeous. The flowers in this are maroon alstroemeria, orange roses, yellow daisies, and some yellow filler flowers. This bouquet looks just lovely on a bright sunny day. The majority color in this is orange which symbolizes warmth, passion, energy, youthfulness and joy. Flower color meanings become important when you are picking flowers for a special occasion.

Brightly Blooming

Just like its name the bouquet is blooming to its fullest and looks like a spring garden. In this super fresh bouquet you will find yellow asiatic lilies, white daisies or you can also add gerberas, green carnations and lime green poms, chrysanthemums and yellow solidago. There are dominant tones of green or more specifically lime green. Now what does this color mean? It stands for nature, energy and confidence. Green in general symbolizes renewal, life and resurrection.

Love and Romance

This romantic flower arrangement is simple and charming at the same time. It has only a bunch of flowers but you can always customize with flowers from Lake Worth Florist. And get your desired size. In this you will find a bed of white hydrangeas and red roses. Red rose has been a symbol of love for a long time now making it perfect for someone you are in love with. We already know about white which is purity and innocence but red has various meanings like vigor, life, courage, love, and also religion.


One of the most beautiful flower arrangements with a bundle of purple, pink. Peach and orange flowers. This arrangement is premium with a bigger size than the rest. This bouquet begins with a bed of green leaves, with orchids, stargazer lilies, roses in lavender peach and orange, pink gladiolus in the middle. The color purple was known to be a symbol of royalty, wealth and luxury.

Flowers will always brighten your day and bring you closer to nature. Flowers also make the space cozy and warm. With flower delivery in Fort Worth FL you can get all these and more delivered at your doorstep.

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